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Welcome to your new guild site please feel free to post and if there is anything I missed please let me know thanks. QBrave

OK, I personally would like to thank our members for a very good Xpac, our guild should be proud. To our raid leaders, Gms, and officers for their dedication and hard work. A little about Seven Deadly Sins; We are the longest running guild on the server and the first guild to this server. We have been raiding since Nilla WoW and have cleard most content since then. We downsized our roster from 25mans or 3 raid grps to just 1 ten man in Cata. Thoough we did not push for heroic modes through Cata, we will be back for Dedicated RAIDING for Mist Of Pandaria.

Now for Mist Of Pandaria Seven Deadly Sins will be pushing for top raiding status, contending with some very skilled guilds. Our goals this round will be "Hard Mode Progression" and to see this new content to it`s fullest. All members should take the time and prepare themselves for the new adventure. Gather mats, points and other things you will need to get your self to lvl 90 as quick as possible .

TY all from the leaders of Seven Deadly Sins.

Seven Deadly Sins is a social, dedicated, raiding guild with a fair amount of members of all levels. We are currently accepting applications to join the guild.This is a mature oriented guild as is guild chat. Raid times and dates are currently undecided. It will be decided with what fits best with everyones schedules in any raid group. If you are interested in joining Please first read the 2 sticky threads under the APPLICANT'S FORUMS and then proceed to the "Apply to Guild" link on the left side of your screen.


 As the GM of sds I would like to thank Matt "Sickness" on his great work on our FaceBook page

Cheers bro .

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